Perhaps one of the most common questions I receive is about the optimal frequency for window cleaning. Finding the right balance between cleanliness, budget, and location-specific needs is crucial. Here’s my guide to help you determine the ideal schedule for your residential or business windows.

Residential Customers:

  • Close to the Sea or High Traffic Area: If you live near the sea or in a high-traffic area, we recommend a cleaning frequency of every 4 weeks to combat the effects of salt or environmental pollutants.
  • Want Always Clean Windows: For those who prefer constantly pristine windows, a 4-week cleaning schedule is optimal.
  • Balancing Cleanliness and Budget: If you seek a balance between cleanliness and budget, consider a 6-week cleaning cycle. Please note that this option requires flexibility due to fewer tailored rounds.
  • Standard Clean: The default cleaning frequency for residential customers is every 8 weeks, providing a clean appearance without frequent service.
  • Traditional Clean: The traditional cleaning frequency for residential customers is every 4 weeks.

Business Customers:

  • High Traffic Shop Front (e.g., Estate Agent): For businesses with high foot traffic and a storefront that’s a crucial aspect of presentation, we recommend a weekly window cleaning schedule to maintain a professional appearance.
  • Standard Clean for Business: The default cleaning frequency for regular business maintenance is every 2 weeks.

Remember, these recommendations aim to help you find the perfect balance between cleanliness, budget, and the specific demands of your location. If you have any questions or need further customisation, feel free to contact me!