Hello and welcome to my business website. I’m Denis, a dedicated and hard-working individual with a strong work ethic – I can’t stand a job halfway done. Originally from France, I now reside in Hawkinge. Prior to venturing into the world of window cleaning, I worked as an IT consultant. In 2015, I decided to embark on a new journey, starting my own cleaning business to create more time for my family.

A proud father of four boys, I also spent a few years as a stay-at-home dad until 2022, when I restarted my self-employed business. As a self-proclaimed nerd, I have a passion for going beyond the surface and understanding the intricacies of my trade. My tech-savvy approach ensures that I provide a comprehensive and holistic cleaning service. When you choose Clean Me If You Can, you’re not just hiring a window cleaner; you’re choosing someone who values excellence, attention to detail, and the satisfaction of a job well done

I cover a large area, basically from Hythe to Dover and from Folkestone to Petham but try to group my work to minimise fuel and time waste. More details in here: Where are you based? Do you work in my neighbourhood ?

You’ll find all the activities I’m trained and experienced in through the SERVICES section.

I try to add modernity and flexibility to this historical trade by adding text reminders, online bookings, a choice of payment method (cash, bank transfer, card payment, direct debit, etc.). Follow me on Facebook to see updates and examples of my works as well as new features and services.

Drop me a message via any method you’ll find in my contact page to know when I’m in your area or if you have any question. You can also book a visit at a convenient time via my booking page.


Meet my reliable sidekick, the old white knight Renault Kangoo. This van is my accomplice in the quest for sparkling windows and clean spaces. While it may not be the flashiest ride on the block, it’s proven time and again that reliability trumps glamour. With each mile, it carries the essence of hard work, dedication, and a few good tunes during the journey. Together, we’re a dynamic duo, navigating the roads to bring a touch of cleanliness to every Kent corner we visit.


Meet Ronan, the dynamic force that occasionally joins our quest for cleanliness. A devoted gardener by day, Ronan brings his green expertise to our outdoor endeavors. When he’s not cultivating gardens, he lends his hands to our cleaning escapades, providing extra muscle and a touch of horticultural finesse.

But Ronan is not just about dirt and plants; he’s also a musical virtuoso, curating the perfect playlist to accompany our work. With his versatile talents and readiness to pitch in whenever needed, Ronan adds a harmonious and helpful dimension to our cleaning duo.

If you need his gardening services, you can call/text him at 07983587172