Outside window cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning, consider me your local professional with a modern approach. Equipped with cutting-edge tools, such as the reliable water-fed pole (WFP) system, I ensure a pristine exterior for your windows, frames, and sills—even reaching up to 3 storeys. It’s a modern and efficient touch to elevate your view.

For properties with unique configurations or heights up to 2 storeys, I utilize squeegees with extensions, ensuring meticulous results. As a local professional, I comprehend and address the distinct needs of our community.

Opt for my flexible maintenance rounds every 4, 6, or 8 weeks—no obligations. Receive text reminders for added convenience. This isn’t just window cleaning; it’s a personalised and modern service. You’re paying for results, and I am dedicated to delivering nothing but the best.

Inside window cleaning

Let’s discuss achieving clarity from the inside. It’s just me, no large crew—maintaining a personalised and efficient service. Equipped to reach up to 4 meters without a ladder, I offer flexibility in methods, whether it’s squeegee and applicator or my secret-recipe detergent and cloth.

When it comes to scheduling, convenience is key. Whether it’s your initial cleaning, a one-off service or if you want to join my rounds, utilise my streamlined booking page or reach out directly. I merge modern efficiency with traditional service values. It’s about you getting precisely what you want, and you’re only paying for the clear and dazzling results you deserve.

Garage door cleaning

Enhance your home’s exterior with the Garage Door Cleaning service. Seamlessly integrated during your residential window cleaning sessions, starting from just £5. Elevate your curb appeal as I give your garage door a good clean, ensuring every detail contributes to the overall brilliance of your home. Experience the satisfaction of a well-maintained aesthetic – inquire today about my affordable Garage Door Cleaning service.

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