Moss and algae have a knack for settling on the exterior surfaces of your house, especially on the north sides. Not only does this impact the visual appeal, but it also accelerates wear and tear on joints and paint. But fear not—I, along with some hard-working friends when needed, employ gentle yet effective softwash methods using low-pressure water and specialized scrubbing techniques for a thorough yet non-destructive clean. While I make every effort to minimize the use of chemicals, their occasional necessity is not overlooked.

As a solo operator, I’m equipped to tackle the cleaning of any uPVC or painted surface, reaching heights of up to 3 storeys. This advanced technology ensures a safer and faster cleaning experience, reaching up to 30 feet/10 meters from the ground. For more extensive jobs beyond this height, I have trusted contacts ready to assist, ensuring that every job, regardless of size, is handled with expertise and care.

To extend the lifespan of your cladding and postpone that next coat of paint, I recommend a comprehensive cladding wash at least once a year. In certain situations, such as pre-refurbishment, pressure washing or the use of chemicals may be required.

Gutters and facias cleaning before/after

Please be aware that during the cleaning process, there might be some dripping or splashing on your windows. In such cases, the cleaning of the windows would be included in your pricing

uPVC claddings

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Don’t let moss and algae steal the charm of your home. Request a thorough inspection before scheduling any cleaning. It’s a smart move that not only ensures your exterior stays in top-notch condition but also includes the added bonus of a complimentary window cleaning if any drips or splashes occur.

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