Pure Water Cleaning: Pure Water cleaning involves the use of water-fed poles (WFP) and deionised water to clean windows, frames, sills, and other surfaces. The key feature of this method is the absence of impurities in the water, ensuring a spot-free finish. Using extendable poles and specialised brushes designed for optimal cleaning, I can reach heights of up to 3 storeys without the need for ladders or lifts. This method is highly effective for removing dirt, grime, and mineral deposits, leaving your windows gleaming and streak-free. The combination of deionised water and specialised brushes ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning process.

Traditional Squeegee Work: In Traditional Squeegee work, I employ the classic hand-held squeegee tool, which has been a time-tested method for window cleaning. This technique involves manually cleaning the glass surface and then using the squeegee to remove the cleaning solution and achieve a polished finish. While this method is commonly used for ground-to-first-floor windows, it requires the expertise of a skilled cleaner to ensure a streak-free result.

Understanding the nuances between these two methods allows me to tailor my approach to your specific needs. Whether it’s the efficiency of Pure Water cleaning or the precision of Traditional Squeegee work, Clean Me If You Can is committed to delivering exceptional results for every window in your home or business.