Safety: One of the primary considerations when it comes to window cleaning is safety. At Clean Me If You Can, we prioritize security by minimizing the use of ladders. Our team is trained to use pole systems that allow us to reach up to 30ft high, equivalent to the typical height of a 3-storey building. Since 2005, The Work at Height Directive has recommended the water-fed pole method for window cleaning due to its safety advantages. Window cleaning companies like ours adhere to safety regulations, utilizing equipment that is fully fit for purpose and maintaining comprehensive insurance. This ensures the safety of our staff, clients, and their premises.

Hard-to-reach areas, such as upper storey windows or conservatory roofs, pose cleaning challenges. Our ladder-less system not only protects cleaners but also safeguards windows and their components from streaking or damage. We provide a thorough cleaning service, addressing frames and sills simultaneously.

Pure Water: Unlike some local independent cleaners who may use tap water, we ensure the use of pure water for an impeccable finish. Pure water, when applied correctly, delivers exceptional results. Our professional window cleaning service employs spotless water, ensuring ultra-pure quality with 0 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), balanced pH, and CO2 levels.

Contracting: For consistently clean windows, consider a cleaning plan tailored to your budget and expectations. We recommend weekly cleaning for shop windows and every four weeks for residential windows. Customized plans, including bi-weekly for businesses and eight-week intervals for residential houses, can be discussed to meet specific needs. Contact us to create your personalized plan.

Small Local Business or Big Group? At Clean Me If You Can, we aim to offer the best of both worlds. Our fully trained and equipped cleaners deliver professional, streak-free results while providing flexibility in terms of planning and pricing. We’ve introduced modern features to keep you informed about your next visit, eliminating uncertainties. We’ll contact you before each booking to notify you of our arrival, and you can specify the frequency of our visits. A reminder will be sent before each subsequent appointment. Payment is hassle-free, with options to pay instantly by cash, cheque, or bank transfer after the job is finished. It’s that simple. Say goodbye to poor standards and uncertainty about your cleaner’s schedule!